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DNA Heritage is a company that is legendary in genealogy circles for its free product: Ybase. These public entrance databases facilitate genetic genealogists to distribute and evaluate their results with others.

DNA Heritage supplies the most flexible test with fulfillment to standards that create them well-matched with others tested elsewhere. We are master in Y-chromosome testing which taps into a increasing genealogy market. DNA Heritage facilitates several genealogists around the world to improve their families' research. Our company is now providing SNP (haplogroup) testing services. The list of markers tested is pretty remarkable. This may be fairly a gorgeous offer for people who want to find the maximum possible phylogenetic decision on their Y chromosome. Some of the tests you will discover in our organization are surname DNA test, paternal roots test, maternal root tests etc we will provide the accurate and fast results.

  • DNA Heritage is one of the great providers for the test of genealogy. I was very satisfied with the promptness and effectiveness. This is really one of the excellent companies for DNA test. I enjoyed their fast and accurate services.

  • I am tremendously delighted with the speed and correctness of the test results. And the price of my test was very reasonable. The services are extremely exceptional. I had no problem with the results of this spectacular company.

  • I appreciate DNA Heritage's way of work. I was very overwhelmed with all area of liability business with your company. Your staffs were also outstanding. You really did great job. You have provided the services beyond my expectations.

  • I have utilized the paternal roots DNA (Y-SNP) Testing of this company. The charges of such treatment were very competitive and the result was accurate and speedy. The staff was very co operative and hard working I appreciate them for the excellent work.

  • DNA is one of the most ancient organizations that delivers the comprehensive and provides excellent and remarkable services. My family's experience with this company was great; it represents the right and ethical scientific standard.

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