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15 W. Scenic Pointe Drive, Suite #300, Draper
UT 84020
Phone: 1-866-740-6362
The GeneTree DNA Testing Center is a worldwide manufacturing principal in using DNA to define and to verify biological relationships.

GeneTree works tough to create the world's most truthful DNA test results and give greater quality and service to its customers. Our organization is constantly working to supply a DNA testing service that is perfect, suitable and reasonable. We are dedicated to being on the wounding edge of offering new, service slanting DNA testing technologies.
GeneTree has verified to be a leader in the DNA testing services industry. The GeneTree DNA Testing Center is a business element of Sorenson Genomics. We are dedicated to provide the extreme service-oriented DNA analysis and analysis for researching biological relationships. With the help of our online facility you can create family tree network that will help to safeguard living. We are providing the best genetic heritage online services, high quality DNA testing, family history through snapshots and easy access to individual's homepage.

  • I am very surprised with your services. Your staff is very helpful and informative service provider. Everything is speedy and much classified. You are really true professional in your work.

  • GeneTree DNA Testing Center has the greatest service for positive. When I wanted the test to be done within a week, its staff is so sympathetic and gentle. They absolutely made a good process without any problem for me. Thank you very much.

  • I have utilized its services and really enjoyed their magnificent online services. I have recently used their free family tree and family network services online. With the help of this wonderful service I received a great knowledge for my grand father and also for the generation before my grand father.

  • I have utilized various services of this company the thing impressed me a lot was the results of the Y-DNA test it was very quick and real. The charges were very less and the result was test was received within in few minutes.

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